Ukrain treatment in a patient with stage IV neuroblastoma. A case report

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Drugs Exp Clin Res. 1998;24(5-6):243-5.

Aschhoff B.


A 22-month-old boy with stage IV neuroblastoma underwent laparotomy with tumor removal and nephrectomy, followed by treatment with Ukrain. Two months later, a remaining abdominal tumor, a retroperitoneal tumor (approximately 2 x 1 cm), and lung, brain, pelvis, kidney, and distal femur metastases were found. Growth of the neuroblastoma around the spinal cord and growth into the spinal canal was also found. Ukrain was administered in 3-week therapy series with 3-week pauses between each series. Some tumors disappeared, others were smaller, and growth stopped in the remaining tumors. Various metastases were no longer detectable.