Two-stage culture for producing berberine by cell suspension and shoot cultures of Berberis buxifolia Lam

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Biotechnol Lett. 2009 Mar;31(3):457-63. Epub 2008 Nov 2.

Alvarez MA, Eraso NF, Pitta-Alvarez SI, Marconi PL.

Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología Dr César Milstein, CONICET, Saladillo, 2468 (C1440FFX), Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.


In vitro cultures of Berberis buxifolia were established using thidiazuron (4.5, 23 and 45 mM) or picloram (4 and 40 mM) as plant growth regulators for sustaining growth. For producing berberine, a two-stage culture was performed. In the first step, thidiazuron or picloram were used for biomass production followed by the production stage where benzylaminopurine (4.4 mM) was added as a plant growth regulator. Berberine yields (102 mg g(-1) DW) and in vitro shoot cultures (200 mg g(-1) DW) were significantly lower than those of whole plants in the field (416 mg g(-1) DW). The highest productivity (0.18 mg 1(-1) day(-1)) was attained using picloram (either 4 on 40 mM) in the first stage for producing biomass.