Retrospective study of Ukrain treatment in 203 patients with advanced-stage tumors

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Drugs Exp Clin Res. 2000;26(5-6):249-52.

Aschhoff B.

Villa Medica Clinic, Edenkoben, Germany.


A total of 203 advanced-stage cancer patients suffering from different types of cancer who had exhausted all conventional forms of therapy were treated with the novel antitumor drug Ukrain over a period of 2.5 years at the Villa Medica Clinic in Germany. Seventy-six patients (37.4%) were simultaneously treated with regional deep hyperthermia in which tumor tissue was heated to > 42.5 degrees C. Patients also received complementary oncological treatment with selen, cimetidine, thyme extract and vitamin A. In view of the advanced stage of the disease, the results of therapy were surprising. Forty-one patients (20.2%) achieved total remission, 122 (60.1%) partial remission and only 40 (19.7%) did not respond to treatment. The highest response rates were in patients with seminoma (three out of four patients had total remission and one had partial remission) and in prostate cancer [14 out of 20 patients (70%) achieved total remissions and five achieved partial remission].