How Goldenseal Assists the Body Maintain a Balanced Metabolic System

A person with an unbalanced metabolic system usually manifests a number of conditions collectively referred to as “Metabolic Syndrome”. Those imbalances include increased fat generation and storage, elevated cholesterol levels, cardiovascular degeneration, and wild swings in blood glucose levels caused by the way the body metabolizes, or utilizes energy.

The body metabolizes fuel in two ways by either breaking it down for immediate use as cellular energy (catabolic) or storing the energy through the construction of fats and other cell components such as protein (anabolic). The body switches between the two pathways based on cellular energy needs and fuel availability. This switching activity is controlled by the AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) system.

AMPK acts as both a sensor and regulator of cellular energy status. It is activated by increases in the ratio of the number of depleted energy transporters compared to the number of charged energy transporters within the cell and triggers processes which tend to restore energy balance not only just at the cellular level but also throughout the whole body.