[Preclinical study of the safety of the new Soviet tranquilizer gindarin]

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Farmakol Toksikol. 1983 Jul-Aug;46(4):107-12.

[Article in Russian]
Arzamastsev EV, Mironova MI, Krepkova LV, Bortnikova VV, Kuznetsov IuV.


The Soviet plant tranquilizer gindarin (an isoquinoline series alkaloid I-tetrahydropalmatine) isolated from the tubers of Stephania glabra Miers was subjected to a preclinical study. As regards the toxicity measured during a single administration to the laboratory animals, gindarin may be classified with moderately toxic substances. Daily intragastric administration of gindarin to rats in doses of 20 and 60 mg/kg for 3 months is likely to give rise to the changes in functions of the CNS, liver and blood. In doses of 1–50 mg/kg gindarin does not exhibit any allergizing, mutagenic or teratogenic properties. Administration of the drug in doses of 1–50 mg/kg from the 1st to the 20th day of pregnancy has shown it to produce marked embryotoxic action. In view of this fact gindarin is contraindicated in pregnancy.