Photoinduced drug release from thermosensitive AuNPs-liposome using a AuNPs-switch

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Chem Commun (Camb). 2010 Oct 14;46(38):7202-4. Epub 2010 Aug 27.

An X, Zhang F, Zhu Y, Shen W.

School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, 200237, China.


A thermosensitive liposome with embedded AuNPs in a bilayer was prepared using supercritical CO(2). The AuNPs-liposome can absorb a certain wavelength light, convert optical energy into heat, induce phase transition, and release drug. The results show that drug release from the liposome is due to the photothermic effects inducing phase transition of the liposome rather than destruction of the liposome structure.